Green Gardening Today is a licensed contractor located in the state of California and based in San Diego. Green Gardening Today was established early 2009. Green Gardening Today was founded by an experienced turf industry professional who wanted to offer a high quality synthetic turf to San Diego residents and San Diego businesses at an affordable price.

Our team of turf experts and grass installation crew have years of professional experience installing and designing turf residential and commercial solutions in San Diego. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and outstanding customer service.

Artificial Turf in San Diego

At Green Gardening Today, we specialize in the installation of residential and commercial Synthetic/Artificial turf lawns. Synthetic/Artificial turf is a great replacement to a traditional natural turf lawn. The typical office building uses 22 percent of its overall water consumption solely for irrigation, according to the U.S. EPA.  As a company, we are committed to the preservation of natural resources, including utilizing products that eliminate the impact on water resources.

Synthetic/Artificial Turf lawns look and feel like  natural turf lawns, but do not require fertilizer, water or mowing.  Synthetic turf now has a soft, rich feel and natural color, and are specifically designed to blend with existing natural environments.  The combination of quality, durable materials with the look and feel of healthy, natural grass makes for an attractive presentation that lasts. Compared to natural grass lawns, Synthetic/Artificial Turf lawns will certainly save  money on water and maintenance.

A lot of pet owners are also switching over to Synthetic/Artificial turf, because Synthetic/Artificial turf does not absorb animal waste or other external elements, keeping your Synthetic/Artificial turf lawn looking perfect all year around. An Synthetic/Artificial turf lawn can easily last 20-25 years, and it will not fade or become discolored due to weather or wear.

For a free estimate, contact Green Gardening Today

   (619) 892-7999 


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